Child Protection Policy for Overnight Camps / Demonstrations

Children and young people’s safety during our annual camp is of tog priority and that all who attend thoroughly enjoys their stay and feels safe.

  • Prior to the camp all members and non-members are registered with information regarding home contacts, medical situations etc.
  • At the commencement of the camp all students have to listen and understand the rules of the camp regarding safety and proper etiquette.
  • Enough adults or parents are required to be at the camp to help supervise.
  • All students are given a number so that when a check is necessary, student numbers are accounted for.
  • An adult or senior member is responsible for a group of student during meal breaks, game activities, walking to the pool or playgrounds.
  • No child is permitted outside the Dojang or run off around the building. An adult has to be present.
  • All children are told to let someone know when they are going to use the toilet.
  • All people attending the camp are to take care of each other, respect each other and to encourage each other to enjoy themselves while learning.
  • During the night all children are supervised and made sure they are safe inside. Doors are all locked. Nightly visits to the toilets are supervised. If a child become sick or disrespects others wellbeing through bullying and other inappropriate behaviour are firstly reprimanded by the Head instructor. If this is ignored, parents are phoned to remove their child or other persons requested to leave.
  • No child is to be picked up after the camp without notifying the instructors of the departure.
  • All children are kept within the dojang or within eye view in the carpark while waiting for their parents on the Sunday when the carpark is not in use.

Demonstrations: All students stay within the care of the Instructors or senior students of Tait’s Family Martial Arts School until parents arrive to take them after a demonstration.