Child Protection Policy

Policy Statement

All students have the right to be protected from harm. Protection from harm and the risk of harm from whatever source, is fundamental to maximizing each student’s personal, academic and sporting potential.

Tait’s Family Martial Arts Centre is committed to providing a safe and supportive training environment for all its students and staff to model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity and safety of students. Any behaviour that jeopardizes that environment does not have a place in our martial arts school as we are committed to creating optimal training outcomes for all our students. Consistent with this commitment, we will support students who are at risk or victims of harm and assist staff who in accordance with this policy to prevent and respond to harmful situations.

Instructors, staff and senior students must :

  • not cause harm to students in the Dojang’s care.
  • actively seek to prevent harm to a student in our care.
  • report suspected student harm in accordance with this policy.
  • inform themselves about the contents of this policy.