Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents / Carers

Parents are very welcome to stay and watch classes. You can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.


We do Request:

  1. Please be punctual on attending and picking up your children. Make sure
  2. your child/children are aware of the dangers of running to or from your car in the car park. If unable to pick up your child yourself, please make the instructors aware of who is going to pick them up.
  3. Make sure your child’s uniform is clean.
  4. Never yell out to your child/children while they are training.
  5. Never interfere or become involved with anything that is happening on the mats unless you have been invited by the instructor to do so.
  6. Never tell the instructor how to or what to teach. This shows you have no respect for the instructors so therefore your child will have no respect for the instructors or you.
  7. Do not tell the instructors when your child should be examined-wait for an invitation to be promoted.
  8. Make sure your child has completed necessary tasks such as STAR Charts/reading/progressive tips and time frames are completed before their next promotion.
  9. Support your chiid‘s involvement and always praise any part of their work or attendance and never punish them for making mistakes.
  10. Use correct and proper language at all times.
  11. Do not leave children who are not training unattended at the Dojang. Make sure other siblings respect books and furniture in the waiting area.
  12. Actively discourage your child from bullying behaviour or arguing with the instructors or other students and parents.
  13. lf you have a grievance approach Mrs or Mr Tait quietly to one side. Never in front of other spectators or during a class.